On the Seventh Day of Christmas... I Made Seven New Year's Resolutions

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Sometimes the first thing that comes to mind is the thing you want to do the most.
How many times have you made New Year's Resolutions and broken them within a week or two? The 7 Things Project by Day Zero suggests using these seven prompts as an alternative to boring New Year's Resolutions and to help us think about what we really want to achieve during the coming year.
I wasn't very successful with last year's list so I've given this year's some serious thought and I'm posting it here on the Interweb in the hope that my lovely readers will help hold me accountable.

Learn how to speak Spanish
"But you studied Spanish at University, didn't you?" Yes. Yes, I did. But I did it as a beginner and never got to the level that I would like to have reached. Then after uni I went into a job that didn't involve languages and pretty much lost everything I had managed to learn. Since we have a villa in Spain I really want to get my Spanish up to scratch so that I can speak to the locals while we're out and about, understand the headlines that I see on the TV or a newspaper and even pick up a magazine or book and read it without having to think about it. 

Start doing yoga... again
I started doing yoga a couple of years ago, but then I moved to Orpington so I stopped going (I think I actually stopped going before I moved, but that's the excuse I use). Towards the end of last year I started going to the gym and enjoyed it, but then I started doing Jazz and enjoyed that even more. I realised I didn't want to pay for both so I quit the gym and I've decided to use some of the gym membership money towards yoga. So when classes start up in the New Year I'm going to do yoga on a Monday evening and Jazz on a Wednesday after Slimming World.

Stop taking my medication for depression and anxiety
Of course this isn't going to be a "Right, it's 1st January so I have to stop taking these now!" kind of resolution, but I now feel I'm in the right frame of mind that I will soon be able to start reducing them. All being well I'll be done with them well before the end of 2017. I'd like to say that once I'm off them I'll never take them again, but this isn't my first time. To a certain extent depression and anxiety will always be with me and if the time comes again when I need a little help, I will have no shame in asking for it.

Take a holiday to Germany
Of course I've got my usual summer holiday at the villa, but I really want to go to a German Christmas Market. I went to a one in Birmingham a few years back and loved it, but I want to go to a proper one in Germany like my parents used to. Some people wouldn't consider this a holiday, but for me even a long weekend away somewhere I wouldn't usually go is a holiday. I wanted to go to one this year, but things ended up getting a bit crazy. I already had Barcelona booked and then I went to the villa so I ended up not having enough holiday left at work. It's at the top of my list for 2017 though. In fact I told one of my managers back in November that it was something I wanted to do and she said the same so maybe we can arrange a work jolly.

Find the time to just sit and read 
I love reading. I started a book club with my friends because I love reading so much. In recent years though I have found it a struggle to find the time to sit down and enjoy the reading process. It doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes I'll be waiting for a book to come out and when it's finally released I'll devour it in a couple of sittings. More and more though I find I'm too tired to even bother picking up a book to start with. After a day at work I just want to watch TV or scroll mindlessly through social media. So in 2017 I would like to dedicate some time each day to sit and read, even if it's just for 10 minutes.

Try to take more photos and start to vlog
I used to take a ridiculous amount of photos and I have a box full of albums in my parents' attic to prove it. Every now and then I'll sit and have a flick through them and the memories of the time they were taken come flooding back to me. I don't know why I stopped taking them as much, but there was no reason to as we all have cameras on our phones nowadays and I also have an amazing DSLR that I really want to learn to use properly. In addition to taking photos I'd love to start vlogging to capture those moments that don't always come across as well in a photo. I'm hoping that I can start my Silver Voyage Award soon and I would love to use recording and editing videos for the Skill section.

Be more organised
A lot of people would say that I am already extremely organised, but in reality it's an organised appearance that disguises complete and utter disarray. Not only do I want to make and keep both my room and work space tidy, but I also want to organise all the different aspects of my life too. I have family, friends, work, Girlguiding, Younique, Women's Equality Party, fitness classes and I'd also like to fit some me time in there too. I know people that do loads more than me and are able to cope so I just need to use my time more effectively.

So these are my New Year's Resolutions for 2017. I'll no doubt write about them at various points during the year to let you know how I'm getting on. What are yours going to be? Let me know in the comments, especially if you decide to use these prompts.
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