November Favourites

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Hello! We're so far into December now that I actually have no idea what I got in November. I will probably miss things out, but we'll give it a go anyway. Here are my November favourites.

This is what would usually be my Younique haul, but, erm, I may have gone a bit crazy with Zoella stuff this month too. Earlier this year she announced that she had a Christmas range coming out and everything was going to be smelling of gingerbread and cinnamon and I think it's entirely reasonable that I was to smell like Christmas in the run up to it. I also saw this stunning Sleek palette in Superdrug. While the majority of my make-up collection is from Younique, I'm a sucker for a palette and just look how sparkly! Of course I did also get my usual Younique haul. November's Kudos was a Brush Roll which is both useful and extremely pretty. I've heard mixed reviews about blending buds, but I thought I'd give them a go and I got a lip brush, some more matte lipsticks and a blusher.
I've hit a plateau with regards to my weight loss at the moment. I seem to be alternating between putting a pound or two on and then losing them the following week. That, or I just maintain. Either way, with Christmas on the way the situation isn't going to improve over the next few weeks (I'm going to enjoy EVERYTHING about Christmas!) so I've treated myself to a few more bits. I got some boring black jeggings, but they are a size 12 so they deserve a mention. I also got this gorgeous stripey Bardot top from New Look. I really love the tie sleeves on it and it's a good length for me. Then I was looking for festive clothes and I came across this skirt in Asda. I have another one in the same style, but different pattern, but I've been wearing this red one so much in the run up to Christmas. I also got this gorgeous dress for Christmas Day. I think I'm actually going to wear it a couple of times between now and the big day since I'm intending it to be too big this time next year. And last, but by no means least, is my 'Anna Kendrick is my Spirit Animal' vest top. I love wearing this with my jeggings and a nice jackets, but it's so soft that I'm also likely to been seen wearing it with a pair of jammie bottoms at the weekend when I have no intention of leaving the house.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
While this may not be a physical thing that I can hold in my hand, this is by far my most favourite thing of November 2016. Back in July 2011 I watched the last Harry Potter film for the first time. All the books had been read and all the films had been seen. I would never have that excitement of experiencing those stories for the first time ever again because they are etched in my memory. Then J.K. Rowling brings Newt Scamander's story to life and I get to experience that thrill once more. I hadn't really seen the trailers or anything so unexpectedly hearing 'Hedwig's Theme' as the Warner Bros logo came on the screen brought tears of joy to my eyes. I don't do spoilers and this isn't a review of the film, so all I will say is that the magic most definitely lives on and I want to marry Newt! And I want a pet Niffler!! And I need to see it again - NOW!!!
Johanna's Christmas
I'd like to say that I find colouring relaxing, but I tend to just get annoyed if don't stay in the lines or use a colour and then decide it doesn't go with my final vision. I still enjoy it though. I have been meaning to buy one of Johanna Basford's colouring books for ages, but when I saw that she was going to be bringing out a Christmas one I decided to just wait for that. The pages are perforated so that you can frame your completed work, but since I have enough stuff waiting to go up on my wall, I doubt I'll do that. There are also little robins hidden throughout the book so I'm going to have fun finding them all. 
Messie Mat
Such a simple idea that I could probably have made myself, but I like to support fellow small businesses. Messie Mats are water resistant, lightweight and wipe clean mats handmade in the UK in a gorgeous range of vintage and fashion inspired prints. Whether I am putting my make-up on in the bathroom, sitting on my bed or the living room floor while watching TV, I can lay out my Messie Mat and protect the chair/bedding/carpet from any spillages caused by my oh-so-gloriously-ungraceful self or leftover residue from my brushes when I put them down. And it goes with my room!
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  1. Does this mean I'll end up in love with another J K character?!