On the Eighth Day of Christmas... I Looked Back on 101 Things I Did in 2016

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I say it every year, but this year has gone so quickly so I've been keeping a list of some of the highlights so that I could share them with you.

1. Saw in the New Year in style at The Lighthouse in Deal
2. Kind of completed Forever Living's C9 programme (I didn't manage the Aloe Vera Gel)
3. Moved back in with my mum
4. Did my first two-liner book fold
5. Took myself on a Valentine's date to see Deadpool
6. Went to Girlguiding's event Spark at Alexandra Palace to celebrate The Senior Section Spectacular and World Thinking Day
7. Went to a Mother and Daughter Makeover and Photoshoot after receiving it as a leaving present from my old colleagues
8. Starting messaging with Katy Chapman and soon realised I had a friend for life
9. Saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at the cinema
10. Completed 10 laps in the Wheels for Wellbeing Bunny Race
11. Got my tragus pierced
12. Cried uncontrollably during the last scene of the 'Parting Shot' episode of Agents of SHIELD 
13. Went to the Weald of Kent Craft Show at Penshurst Place
14. Saw Captain America: Civil War at the cinema
15. Had my eyebrows waxed for the first time (not as bad as I was expecting)
16. Visited the Isle of Wight to say a final goodbye to my nan and granddad
17. Won one of Sarah Payne's patchwork birdies after my email was read out and then drawn from the giant pink polka dot cup on Create and Craft TV
18. Went to Barcelona for the fifth time
19. Had a fringe cut in... again
20. Went to see my friend's gig up in London (Bryde - check her out, she's awesome!)
21. Saw X-Men: Apocalypse at the cinema
22. Met Giovanna Fletcher for the fourth time at the book signing for Always With Love
23. Went to see Me Before You with Sophie and annoyed her by repeatedly whispering "I love you" whenever Stephen Peacocke entered the scene
24. During the trailers at the above replied to something that Sophie said by saying "It's fine, I'm used to disappointment in my life," just as it went deadly quiet
25. Had a fabulous time at Emmi's Younique make-up party
26. Took part in the Pride in London Parade with other members of Girlguiding and was worried my hearing wouldn't be the same after all the whistles being blown constantly
27. Joined Slimming World with my mum
28. Walked 600,000 steps over 60 consecutive days and raised money for the Duke of Edinburgh's award in the process
29. Had to get a new windscreen after getting two chips on the same day and one of them cracking
30. Got my helix pierced
31. Booked an extra night at the hotel I was staying at for my friends' wedding so I could pamper myself, eat pizza and watch films to my heart's content
32. Celebrated with my friends at Will and Claire's wedding and cheered at their totally awesome first dance
33. Was introduced to the concept of 'Speech Bingo'
34. Went camping with Chislehurst Division where I got to hold a Barn Owl named Wizard
35. Met Carrie Hope Fletcher for the third time and Pete Bucknall for the first time at the book signing for Carrie's book On the Other Side
36. Was awarded Slimmer of the Month for July after an amazing first month during which I also got Slimmer of the Week, my half stone award and Bronze Body Magic award
37. Ended my 20-month relationship with Android and returned to the dark side when I upgraded to an iPhone 6s Plus in Rose Gold
38. Discovered The Guilty Feminist Podcast and fell in love with it
39. Read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in a day
40. Enjoyed some much needed relaxation during a family holiday in Spain and cherished every moment spent with my niece and nephew
41. Had a tarot reading done at the Benijofar Sunday market
42. Went in the sea for the first time in years on the last day of our holiday
43. Returned to the University of Surrey to celebrate ten years since graduating by having a picnic by the lake
44. Joined the gym again
45. Saw Carrie Hope Fletcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
46. Saw Lee Mead at stage door after watching Chitty and tried not to faint
47. Realised how much I missed guiding in Swanley after going to 2nd Swanley Rainbows' Leadership Team meeting and having a real laugh planning for the term
48. Celebrated the wedding of one of my oldest friends Katie and her husband Patrice and survived another round of Speech Bingo
49. Compiled the most awesome song request list for the DJ with Nicola and then thought I was going to pass out from all the dancing
50. Volunteered at Use Your Voice, Girlguiding LaSER's 2-day democracy festival for members of The Senior Section
51. Got bored of my fringe and started growing it out... again
52. Started taking Jazz classes and enjoyed it so much I didn't even mind that Sam used a Justin Bieber song for one of the routines
53. Attended a RenewYou workshop down in Hampshire and had extra coaching time because only two of us booked on to it
54. Started helping at 2nd Swanley Rainbows on the Saturday mornings that I'm free and revived my old Leader name, Robin
55. Took part in a photo shoot for my Dad's Laser Gun company
56. Celebrated a year at Blaze Maintenance
57. Finished paying off my Barclaycard
58. Took the plunge and joined Lou's team by becoming a Younique Presenter
59. Delivered three training sessions at Girlguiding GLK's County Day
60. Bought a new iPad
61. Nearly died of shock when I fitted into one of my favourite dresses
62. Scored what I like to call 'The Fletcher Hat Trick and Bucknall Bonus' after meeting Tom Fletcher at his booking for The Christmasaurus
63. Achieved White Status as a Younique Presenter
64. Auditioned (unsuccessfully) to go on The Chase
65. Had a bit of a DIY disaster when I broke part of my brand new chest of drawers while putting them together
66. Had a girlie sleepover style film evening at Emmi's after she found out I'd never seen Pretty Woman although upon watching it, it turns out I had actually already seen it
67. Dyed my hair dark brown again
68. Squealed internally when I received the proofs for my Gloriously Graceful business stationery
69. Finished paying back the money that I owed my mum 
70. Went to the Younique UK Anniversary Event at the London Palladium
71. Did my first ever Christmas tree book fold despite the fact that it's one of the easiest fold you can do
72. Became a little overwhelmed when my Gloriously Graceful business stationery arrived - IT'S SO PRETTY!!!
73. Subscribed to DisneyLife just so I could watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween and then fell asleep during it because I was ill
74. Signed up for The Girls Mean Business 30 Days to Boost Your Biz Before Christmas course
75. Totally forgot that I had pre-ordered Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick and got a little over excited when I got the dispatch and out for delivery emails within about an hour of each other
76. Did the sorting quiz for Ilvermorny on Pottermore and discovered I'm in Wampus house (Slytherin still rule though!)
77. Went to Simply Christmas Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycrafts Show at ExCeL and bought a glitter tattoo kit, just because
78. Saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with Mum at the cinema - the magic lives on!
79. Attended the first ever Women's Equality Party Conference in Manchester
80. Stood on stage in front of 1,500 people and talk about how Girlguiding encourages girls and young women to use their voice
81. Ended up getting a lot of unexpected interest in my book art when Giovanna Fletcher shared a photo of the one I made for her on social media
82. Signed up to The Girls Mean Business Awesome Business Club so that I can take Gloriously Graceful to a whole new level in 2017
83. Got a little over-excited about being in charge of our work's Christmas do and made personalised menus and bauble table favours for everyone who came
84. Fitted into a dress from three years ago for the Christmas do (Get in!)
85. Had a Christmas shopping day with my mum in Guildford
86. Said a fond goodbye to Auntie Ivy who passed away at the amazing age of 100 and shared memories of her that I'd forgotten I had
87. Went to a Sparkle & Shine training day for Younique Presenters in Norwich
88. Said farewell to Petts Wood Senior Section at our Harry Potter themed Christmas party after making the difficult decision to leave
89. Gasped in shock at the mid-season cliffhanger of Once Upon A Time prompting my mum to ask how old I am
90. Convinced Mum that we should go and see A Christmas Carol at the Lyceum Theatre as a Christmas treat because she loves Robert Lindsay - little did she know Carrie and Giovanna Fletcher would also be in it
91. Successfully gave blood for the first time (when I say successfully, I mean I didn't faint)
92. Used my powers of deduction to figure out that my Secret Santa was Cheryl (It was wrapped in pink, had a silver pom pom on it like her hat and contain WKD Blue - it couldn't have been anyone else!)
93. Had an amazing Christmas down at Hazelhurst with the whole family
94. Technically completed my Bronze Voyage Award (but I still need to get all the sections signed off)
95. Created a Vision Board for 2017
96. Completed 15 book folds
97. Wrote 38 blog posts (and I thought I'd struggle with 12)
98. Lost 1st 6lb at Slimming World since the end of June (it was more, but... Christmas!)
99. Saved £3,234.32 towards my house deposit
100. Saw in the New Year by watching Harry Potter followed by Robbie Williams while tucked up in bed

Something I have most definitely learned this year is that it doesn't matter how the year starts, it is how you finish it that truly matters.
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