Countdown to Christmas: Three Weeks to Go

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20 SLEEPS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! You may be pleased to know that this will be my last Christmas themed post until the day itself. Not long now until the big day!

This weekend just gone I was expecting to be decorating the house, but amazingly we did ours last Monday. I came back from my weekend away and my mum had put the trees up ready to be decorated. I spent the whole of Monday watching the clock knowing that as soon as 5:30pm came I could go home and make everything Christmassy!

In recent years my mum has only really put the tree up as we don't usually spend Christmas at home. However this year she has worked incredibly hard to transform our house by decorating the living room, dining room and bedrooms (the bathroom and kitchen will undergo their transformations in the New Year) so we wanted to go all out with the decorations like the old days.

My favourite thing about Christmas is the tree, but it is also the thing I hate doing the most because I can never get it to look as beautiful as they do on TV. Luckily for me my mum is more patient than I am so she was in charge of lights and tinsel and I carefully placed the hanging ornaments everywhere! I received my first presents yesterday and I also got the chance to wrap the ones I got for my mum so we now have a few under the tree.
On the opposite end of the fireplace to our new snow globe, is our Christmas Angel. This was a gift from my old French Tutor who passed away eight years ago so she has to come out every year. I love her. We also fill my mum's sewing box with pine cones because they look quite festive. I always want to spray them with fake snow, but knowing me I'd just mess it up.
You may have noticed that earlier I said trees. That is because my mum decided that she also wanted to have the little tree at the bottom of the stairs. I knew she secretly loved Christmas as much as me! It's sooooo sparkly!!!
It was also my work's Christmas do on Friday night. We went to Giuseppe's Restaurant at High Rocks for a meal (which was a-maz-ing) followed by a night of dancing. I had made table favours for everyone and personalised menus as a couple had commented that they probably wouldn't be able to remember what they'd ordered. I haven't been out with everyone from work since last Christmas so it was lovely to get together and talk about something other than signage. Not impressed that Cheryl looks better in my glasses than I do though!
Yesterday I went to Bluewater with my friend Lou. I was on a mission to get some Christmas films on Blu-ray, but they didn't have what I wanted on Blu-ray so I ended up getting The Muppet Christmas Carol and The Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD. I also came across a book called The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus. I'm not going to lie. I bought it purely because of the title. I have no idea what it'll be like, but I had to give it a go. Not that I need a book to tell me Santa exists. I've always known that's true. Plus we watched Miracle on 34th Street when I got home so Santa is very much real in this house!
Today I had the day off so that my mum and I could go on our annual Christmas shopping day. Although it isn't so much a shopping day anymore. We normal just choose somewhere we like to wander around and stop every now and then for a hot drink. This year we went to Guildford so we also used it as an opportunity to pop in and see my friends Lou (a different Lou to the one above) and Mike. Then we popped into town where I went crazy and bought... a thermal t-shirt! Does that mean I'm getting old? It's really funky though. Black with gold, glittery bits. Totally wearing it on Christmas Eve!

As well as general Christmasiness, this past weekend has been full of book folding. Not only have I been finishing off Christmas presents, but after Giovanna Fletcher shared a photo of the book fold that I made for her on social media, my inbox has gone a little crazy with orders. Luckily only two are for before Christmas. However I need to get them to France so I need to get cracking with them. Like now!
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