On the Second Day of Christmas... Katy Chapman Took Over

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26th December... Boxing Day... also know as Katy's birthday!
That's me by the way, Katy, taking over Gloriously Ungraceful for the day!

When Tracy asked me to do this, I was so excited and I knew exactly what to do because what's compulsory on any birthday... CAKE! So that's exactly what we're doing today. Making a birthday cake and all sharing a slice for my 25 years on this planet.

Now, of course I wanted to stick to something that still had that Christmassy feel to it, especially as this is part of Tracy's Twelve Days of Christmas, but also because that's part of the fun of having a birthday so close to Christmas Day. You get to make your birthday feel like a second Christmas Day, dedicated entirely to yourself!

Anyway, the cake I've chosen is actually an adapted version of Mary Berry's Ginger Traybake and is a recipe I've altered perfectly to fit for tray bakes, cupcakes and normal tin bakes. It's so yummy and always brings Christmas to mind and since this post is all about me, might I just add that I have a slight addiction to Gingerbread Men, so this is in fact the perfect recipe for me!

You will need:
112.5g|4oz margarine
87.5g|3oz light brown sugar
50g|1.75oz each black treacle, golden syrup
150g|5oz self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp each ground ginger, mixed spice, all spice
2 eggs
2 tbsp milk

♡ Melt the margarine, sugar, black treacle and golden syrup together in a small pan, on  allow heat, mixing regularly to ensure it doesn't burn.
 Combine the dry ingredient in a large bowl.
 Once slightly cooled, add the melted mix to the dry ingredients.
 Beat your eggs and milk together and combine with the rest of the mixture.
 Mix together until any lumps have gone and the mixture resembles a slightly runnier cake mix.
 Pour into a greased tin of choice (as this is gingerbread, I went for the classic gingerbread man!)

 Bake at 160C for around 30-35 minutes or until the skewer pulls out clean throughout.
 Leave to cool and then decorate.

This really is easy to do and from start to finish, will take you no more than one hour. So happy baking and be sure to let both Tracy and me know what yours turn out like in the comments.

With love, hugs, kisses and special wishes,

From Katy 
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1 comment

  1. Thank you for taking over my blog for the day hunny. I'm not a big fan of gingerbread, but I have to say that this looks lush. I want to try to cook and bake more this year so this may have to be one of my bakes.