Discovering My Wow Colours

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Last Saturday my mum and I went to Crystal Palace to spend the day with Ali Westmoreland, a Colour Analyst, Image Consultant and Personal Stylist for House of Colour. I had heard about Ali and the House of Colour from a mutual friend last year and knew it was something that I wanted to put on my list of things to do in 2017. I was also struggling to know what to get for my mum's birthday, and knowing that she wants to revamp her wardrobe, thought this would be a good idea.

Ali started the day off by explaining a little about the history of colour and how the House of Colour developed the idea of different seasons of colours suiting different skins tones. I clearly knew about the three primary colours being red, yellow and blue, but what I did not realise is that the primary shade of red has the perfect balance of yellow and blue in it. Every single other colour in the world has either more yellow or more blue.
If you can see in the picture above, the top two seasons are surrounded by a gold band and the bottom two by a silver band. This represents not only which seasons are warm (colours with more yellow) and which are cool (colours with more blue), but also the type of jewellery that will suit each season. I have always favoured silver jewellery so I was praying that I would at least be in the cool section.

We took it in turns to sit in front of the mirror with a white cover around us and a white scarf covering our hair while Ali held different colour swatches up to us. First of all she was looking looking to see if we were on the warm or cool side of the spectrum. It was amazing to see the change in our complexions as colours from different seasons were compared and I soon began to see a pattern myself. Once Ali had established whether I was on the top or the bottom of the chart, she then compared colours from those two seasons to see which ones suited us best. I was cool (YES!) and eventually discover that I am a Winter. Specifically a Burnished Winter.
After we had established what our seasons were, we looked at makeup. House of Colour have produced their own makeup and skincare range with shades designed specifically to suit each season. Together we worked out a 90 Second Makeup Prescription - Foundation, Blusher, Mascara and Lipstick that I can use for a quick get up and go in the morning.
After a spot of lunch we got back to work and Ali went through all of the colours in our season to rate them. While all of our colours will suit us, there are some that will suit us from top to toe and others that are better as an accent colour. The scores were classified as good, very good, excellent and outstanding and at least one would be used in the categories of 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% for each colour. So even if my mum and I had both been Winters, our ratings would have in all likelihood been totally different.
Suddenly it was the end of the day. It had gone so quickly, but had been incredibly interesting and a true investment in ourselves. All that was left for Ali to do was present us with our colour swatches that we can take out shopping with us and give us a few last tips for how we can move forward with this knowledge of our "wow" colours. Oh and the little matter of treating ourselves to something special.
Mum and I each had a £20 voucher that we could spend on either makeup, clothing or jewellery that Ali had at the studio. While my mum decided to use hers towards the foundation and blusher that had been used during the session, I used mine on this gorgeous Stella & Dot bracelet that had caught my eye. It's so sparkly!
We both had a wonderful day and I would certainly recommend a Colour Analysis Class to anyone who has an interest in style or even just leaning more about colour in general. For more information about the classes offered or to find your nearest stylist, you can visit House of Colour
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