January Favourites

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It's the first Wednesday of the month so I guess you know what that means. Here are my January favourites.

Fitbit Metal Bracelet
I love my Fitbit. I wear it every day and every night. I only take it off when I shower or to charge it. I even wore it to my friends' wedding even though it didn't really go with my outfit because I knew I'd be dancing lots. Then I saw that Fitbit were bringing out a range of accessories for the Alta and so I asked for the Stainless Steel Metal Bracelet for Christmas. It was on back order so I didn't get it until a week or so into the New Year. Although I wouldn't wear it every day, it is perfect for those special occasions when you want to look smart, but still keep track of your steps.
You do not know how long I have wanted one of these. I've used my Sweaty Betty sports bottle for a few years now, but I love this as it has the times marked out and reminds me to drink regularly. I've heard some people say they don't see the point in it, but for someone who forgets to drink, particularly when I'm at work, it's a godsend. Since I got it, I've had at least 1.8l of water a day, usually more with my morning herbal tea. And it's pink! What more could you possibly want?!
Probably the most expensive thing I will buy this year. My MacBook Pro had been running slower and slower for quite some time so I got a quote from Apple Renew and they said they'd give me £176 for it. I decided to trade it in and instead of getting a new laptop, I'd use my iPad Pro when I'm out and about and get an iMac so that I have to sit at my desk to work. Less distractions and better posture. The screen is a much better size for working too and that's just the 21.5" one. The 27" was too big for my desk. Oh, and extra bonus! The Magic Keyboard comes with it as standard, but I wanted the old corded one as that comes with a numeric keypad so they knocked another £50 off. I have also discovered the pros and cons of being able to have Netflix on while I am working.
When I chose my word for the year, I decided I wanted something that would act as a constant reminder of it for those days when I waver. I am in a few small business groups on Facebook and discovered Sarah Palmer and her lovely little biz The Trinket Box. I'd previously purchased a couple of her planner charms and loved them so I went back and asked her if she could do a custom necklace for me. This was the result. I've worn it nearly every day since getting it and I wouldn't be without it now.
Pot of Dreams
I've wanted a Pot of Dreams for ages, but I was being really fussy about what one I wanted. Whenever I went into Clintons, I couldn't see one that I really, really liked so I didn't bother getting one. Then in the New Year I popped to a local shopping centre and saw this Tinkerbell one. Tinkerbell has always been one of my favourite Disney characters and the fact it was pink and fits the decor of my room left me with no choice but to buy it. I read that if you only put £2 coins in it, then by the time it is full, you will have saved around £1,000. So that's what I'm doing. Whenever I get a £2 in my change, I put it in a different part of my purse until I get home so it doesn't get spent.
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