October Favourites

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Apple Store
Sometimes you just don’t want to take your laptop out with you to meetings or trainings because it’s too bulky, but you want a bigger screen than your phone to work with. Why am I trying to justify myself to you? I wanted an iPad so I bought an iPad. An iPad Pro 9.7in 32GB in Rose Gold to be precise. And a Smart Keyboard. Oops! But the keyboard does act as a cover too so it’s dual purpose. It was brilliant for watching Emmerdale and Once Upon a Time in bed when my mum was on holiday. I will of course mainly be using it for Younique and Girlguiding trainings though. Not entertainment. Nooooooo, not at all...
Blurt Foundation Print
I am still building up a lovely collection of things to go on my Happy Wall and the latest is a beautiful A4 print from their Winston’s Adventures collection called Playing in the Rain. The Blurt Foundation has an office dog called Winston who is the inspiration behind the prints and I was drawn to this one because of my love of the rain. Now I really need to get myself to IKEA to pick up some frames.
The Christmasaurus
Yes, I know it’s a children’s novel, but it’s written by one of my favourite people and it’s about Christmas so I had to buy it. I also had to go to the book signing and get it signed. I haven’t read it yet. I’m saving it for December when the Christmas vibe really hits, but it’s sitting on my Fletcher shelf (yes, I have a Fletcher shelf!) ready.
The discovery that I can once again fit into a size 12 has led to me going a little crazy with the clothing purchases of late. This month I have bought another set of pyjamas from George at Asda as well as a nightshirt, leggings, skirt (possibly my favourite purchase this month!), poncho and hairbands. I also got some more hairbands from Cath Kidston and a few basic tops, a head scarf and a beanie from New Look. I love wearing beanies in winter and at the moment they are doubling up to hide my fringe which I’m currently growing out.
Disney Store
Last weekend my friend and I went to London and we had a bit of time to kill so we had a quick wander down Oxford Street. I saw the Disney Store and my eyes lit up like a child at Christmas. Even more so when I went in because it was full of, well, Christmas stuff. I ended up purchasing a Christmas Mickey and Minnie, a Christmas jumper and a tree decoration. When I was at the till the cashier wrapped up my decoration to protect it and secured it with a BB8 sticker. I joked that I'd have to take it off really carefully as I love BB8 and so she put some extra in my bag.
Glasses Holder
I nearly bought one of these when I was in Barcelona in May, but I was so tight on luggage space that I didn't bother. When I saw it in Pylones in London at the weekend I knew I had to get it. It's an owl, it's pink and it's useful! What's not to love? He's going to live on my bedside table and look after my glasses at nighttime. 
Light Up Cinematic Message Board
I have wanted one of these for so long and then I saw someone post a pic of theirs on Facebook so I asked where she got it and she directed me to Very’s website. It was only £14.99 which is the cheapest I’ve seen one of these. In the short time I’ve had it, it has been used for inspirational quotes, Younique promotions and Christmas countdowns. I love it! I already need extra letters though so if you know where I can get some, please let me know in the comments.
Yankee Candle
I love a candle, particularly if it is of the Yankee variety. I’ve wanted a shade and tray for the medium and large candles for ages, but I wanted to wait until my room was finished so I could get one that worked with the decor. Ever the difficult person I also wanted one that was suitably Christmassy, but not so Christmassy that I couldn’t have it out all year round. I ended up choosing the Starry Night Large Shade & Tray Set and then proceeded to impulse buy a set of two Medium Jar Candles at the till.
I could not resist the Kudos for October as Younique decided to celebrate the release of their new Splash Liquid Lipsticks buy offering any three shades for £57 and chucking in a Lip Exfoliator for free. I chose the Sizzling, Soulful and Stoic to add to the Sentimental that came in my Presenter Kit. I also got the Opulence Lipstick in Conceited and the Royalty Detoxifying Mask as I’m trying to put time aside to pamper myself more often. Then at the UK 2nd Anniversary event last weekend, we got a goodie bag with Splash in Smashing and Splurge in Happy. 
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