Countdown to Christmas: Seven Weeks to Go

It happens, I think, at the final firework on Fireworks Night when you have the finale and the smoke clears and you see all the women going "Christmas!"
The first time that we watched Michael McIntyre's Christmas Comedy Roadshow a few years back, he said this line and Mum just looked at me and said, "That's you!" I didn't even try to deny it because, you see, Christmas is my favourite time of the year. 

Last night was Fireworks Night which means I am officially allowed to start thinking about Christmas. I've been thinking about it for months, but now, NOW, I can start doing it openly. This blog is the first in a series of Christmas themed posts that you'll see over the coming weeks culminating in one post every day for the Twelve Days of Christmas. Not quite sure how I'm going to fill twelve days yet, but I'll think of a way.

Today though I thought I'd start with my Christmas Favourites which I promised last month. This could take a while so go and grab a hot beverage of your choice and a biscuit selection tin (that one you bought for your neighbour will do - plenty of time to buy another) and settle down for the long haul.

Busy B Christmas Planner
I do love a list and this beauty allows me to keep all my Christmas related lists in one place for FIVE WHOLE YEARS! There are four sections for cards that you have sent and received, gift ideas and a place to note what presents you get, menu planning and recipes and general planning. There's also a tear off notepad at the front ideal for Christmas shopping trips. I've added to it recipes that I've found on the internet and in magazines and it's also been a handy place to plan our work's Christmas do.
Christmas Playlist
I have a playlist on my phone that I add to each year. I could be watching a TV programme or film and there's a Christmas song in the background that I love so I Shazam it. It doesn't matter if it a different version of a song I already have; if I like it, it gets added! It mainly gets played in my car on the journey to and from work, but it's always to hand if I feel the need to hear the sound of sleigh bells and children's choirs.
Recipe Books
I've got a few Christmas specific recipe books that I absolutely love. Season's Best is an old one from when I was a Pampered Chef Consultant and my favourite recipe is the Turkey & Cranberry Ring. It's perfect for using up Christmas leftovers and so easy to make. The other two books I have are from Slimming World. One is A Slimming World Christmas and the other which came out last month is Slimming World's Festive Feasts. Mum and I are usually away for Christmas so we probably won't use them much, but they're always handy if we decide to entertain guests.
Festive Stockings Cutlery Holders
Months ago I saw these amazing stocking cutlery holders and fell in love. One of my friends gave me an Etsy voucher for my birthday so I used it towards buying several sets. I had visions of using them for a lovely Christmas meal with my Rangers, but since we don't have a kitchen at our hall, I doubt that will happen. Instead I will take them to my dad and stepmum's for Christmas Day dinner.
Phoenix Trading Christmas Box
During the year my Christmas box is a safe place for my Christmas Planner, recipe books, cutlery holders and whatever other Christmas treasures I can fit in. I also tend to keep a couple of Yankee Candles in there so that I'm hit with that Christmas scent when I open it. As the festive season approaches and everything starts going on display, I use it to store my Christmas cards, stamps, gold and silver pens, gift tags and twine. I like to keep my gift wrapping very simple by using brown paper and festive twine and sparkly tags.
Christmas Tree Decorations
You may think that I am the type of person whose tree would have coordinating baubles and tinsel, but my hanging decorations are actually an eclectic and mismatched ensemble. It started when I left home and took my Hogwarts decorations and an angel that my godmother gave me. They looked a bit odd with matching baubles from Wilkos so instead I set out to find as many different decorations as possible. I even painted some during a trip to the local pottery cafe. If I go somewhere and see a decoration I like then I get it and it reminds me of where I've been, like my Minnie Mouse shoe from Disneyland.
Harry Potter Decorations
I know, I know. These are also tree decorations too, but they are so lush that I thought they deserved a special mention. I bought these off eBay a few years back. they weren't cheap, but they come out every year and my love for Potter will never die so I saw it as a good investment. I need to go on a hunt to find them though as I believe they ended up in a box that went in my Dad's attic when I moved and not in a box that came home with me.
When I was younger Mum used to go Christmas markets in Germany and bring back the most wonderfully different things. This has always been my favourite. The heat from the candles spins the propellers allowing the pyramids to turn. Ours was damaged by Ben, our mischievous Cocker Spaniel, who we lost over ten years ago. At one time I wanted to try and get new propellers for it, but seeing the chew marks reminds me of him so as long as it works, I'm happy.
Disclaimer: This is not our one. Ours is in the
loft because it's not December yet. Humpf!
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  1. Christine Ashdown6 November 2016 at 12:23

    Loved this.I have a Christmas box and each year buy a new bauble for my tree. I also have a treasured Nativity scene carved from the wood of a tree from Bethlehem given to me as a child from my Uncle and Aunt who lived there in the consul for several years.It makes its appearance every xmas on the hearth and I love it x

    1. I love Christmas soooooo much Christine. I try and buy a new decoration each year too, but it usually ends up being more. Going to need two trees soon.