Becoming Gloriously Graceful

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So I’ve become a Younique Presenter. I’d been thinking about it for quite a while and I finally took the plunge at the end of September.

Having moved home back in January, I’d had a major declutter and thrown away most of my cosmetics. I desperately needed some new make-up, but I dreaded trawling around the shops trying to find what shades suited me best. It’s like shopping for jeans. I hate it! Or I should say I used to hate it.

They say that people come into your life for a reason and that’s certainly the case with Lou, one of my best friend's sister-in-law and a Younique Presenter. I sent her a message on Facebook back in April and told her that I really needed to start from scratch and she was so helpful. She suggested starting with the mascara (us Y-Sisters love our 3D Fiber Lashes), but what I really wanted was a foundation that didn’t feel like it was sliding off my face after a couple of hours. She told me about her favourite, the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation. “You only need 3-5 drops and it develops like a powder,” she told me. Sounded good to me!

We chatted about make-up for a while and I mentioned I’d love to have a party, but it would be difficult because my friends live all other the place. Lou said that wouldn’t be a problem as we could hold an online party over ten days and my friends would be able to join in from the comfort of their sofas. Perfect!

The online party was so much fun and I loved finding out about all the products and the tips and tricks that Lou had learnt during her time as a Presenter. At the end of the week I didn’t buy the foundation. I bought a collection that contained a variety of products (including the much anticipated foundation) and a cosmetic bag. I now had a basic range of products to get me started.
It didn’t end there though. Lou had gotten me hooked big time. When she came into my life, she became my make-up dealer! Over the following months I bought more products including a brush set so that I could really experiment with some different looks.

Lou asked me a couple of times if I’d like to join her team and at first I wasn't sure. I’d been a Pampered Chef Consultant and a Phoenix Trader and wasn’t very successful at either. I wanted to do it, but I didn’t want to waste her time. I can tell you exactly when I changed my mind though.

Following my online party, my friend Emmi asked Lou if she would do one at her house. We had so much fun trying all the products and while we were acting like teenagers at a sleepover, Lou told us about the origins of Younique.

Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, a brother-and-sister team, founded Younique in September 2012 with a mission to uplift, empower and validate women across the globe. They wanted to help women who had been sexually abused as children or adolescents by hosting them at a special retreat and educate parents and empower them to protect their children from sexual abuse.

They had a mission finalised before they even knew what product was going to fund it. Eventually they came up with the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. That was their first product and Younique just grew and grew from there. The products are now available in ten countries and the UK celebrated its second anniversary last month.
I was lucky enough to attend one of the UK second anniversary events at the London Palladium with Lou and our other teammate, Sandra, and it was amazing! We heard from Melanie who told us what I’ve just told you, but with much so much more enthusiasm and passion than I could possibly portray with words on a screen. We also heard from Tori Poulter who presented a video with an update on The Haven Retreat. And we heard from Kizzy Harvey, an Exclusive Black Status Presenter, who overcame being cruelly bullied as a child to start her own successful Younique business. She made me laugh so much. If she ever gets tired of make-up, she should become a comedian. She’s an absolute legend! As at any birthday party, we received a goodie bag which contained a Splash Liquid Lipstick and Splurge Cream Shadow as well as some samples of the Detoxifying Face Mask. It was a truly inspiring afternoon and I left feeling excited about my own little venture.

I’ve been a Presenter for nearly seven weeks now and I love it. I’d had parcels from Younique before, but the excitement when I received my Presenter’s Kit was something else. It only cost me £69, but contains products totalling a value of £175. Shades included vary and contents are changed from time to time, but here’s what I received in my kit:
1. Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
2. Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette 4
3. Angled Shadow/Sponge Brush
4. Royalty Shine Cleansing Cloths
5. Splurge Cream Shadow in Extravagant
6. Cream Shadow Brush
7. Splash Liquid Lipstick in Sentimental
8. Lip Bonbons Tinted Lip Balm in Red Velvet Cake
9. Royalty Sampler
10. Foundation Sampler
11. Blush Sampler
12. Bronzer Sampler
13. Pigment Sampler
14. Lip Gloss Sampler (Set of 10)
15. Lip Stain Sampler (Set of 7)
16. White Status Charm
17. Black Oval Presenter Case
18. Presenter Guide
19. Catalogue

I chose the name Gloriously Graceful for my business as I wanted to relate it to this blog in some way. My confidence has soared in the second half of this year and I believe my little tiny corner of the internet has helped to do that. I don't think I would have been able to do it before this blog. It was only after I registered the domain and had a logo designed that I realised it was truly meant to be. One morning I was putting my make-up on and the name on the primer caught my eye. Glorious.
To find about more about the products visit me at on my Facebook page or at You can also find out more about the amazing works that The Younique Foundation does here.
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