December Reflections: Softness

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When I lived at the flat I loved coming home from work and snuggling up on the sofa under Colin's super-huge, super-soft blanket. It didn't matter whether I was cold, ill or simply just tired; that blanket would be of comfort to me and I know it was its softness was the magic ingredient.

When I moved back home one of the things I really missed was the blanket and not because it was Colin's. I missed surrounding myself in its softness like a cocoon allowing me to rest and rejuvinate in comfort. Mum noticed that I was really fidgety, particularly in the evenings, and I mentioned that I missed 'my' blanket. 

Not long afterwards we had a day out shopping. We were preparing to have a complete overhaul at home and decorate most of the rooms so we were on the hunt for ideas. We found ourselves in Primark (as you do) and I honed in on the Home department. I saw a massive pile of throws and knew before even feeling them that they were just what I was looking for. 
Mum said she would treat me to one so I picked out this soft grey as I had it in my head that my room would be pink and grey when the time came to decorate it. Mum also decided that she would indulge and choose a lovely plum colour.

As a rule my blanket lives on my bed, folded over the end during the warm weather and completely covering it during the winter months. I love to snuggle down under my duvet and pull the top of the blanket over the top so that I can stroke it as I fall asleep. It also makes it down the the living room quite regularly. In fact it's wrapped around me as I type this. I have no doubt that I look like E.T. right now. (Yes, it's even over my head!)
I think it's so important that everyone has a set of tools that they can use when they need a pick me up or a moment of comfort. My blanket is most definitely in mine and probably the one I use the most. 
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