Barefoot Coaching Cards for Every Day: A Review

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Usually when the latest issue of Pyschologies magazine falls on the door mat, I'll have a quick flick through and in all honesty never get round to reading it properly. When the August edition arrived I actually decided to snuggle up on the sofa and read it from cover to cover and I am so glad I did because towards the end I saw a page announcing that Kim Morgan's Coaching Cards for Every Day would be launching on the 1st July.

As a Trainer for Girlguiding I am always looking for new resources that I can use in my sessions so I was excited to see that a limited amount were being given away on a first-come, first-served basis. Not one to pass up the opportunity of a freebie, I applied immediately. 

They landed on my door mat on Friday morning in between a trip to the hairdressers and going to get my eyebrows waxed ready for my friends' wedding so I wouldn't even let myself have a sneaky peek at them. Instead I put them in my suitcase to take to the hotel so that I could peruse them at my leisure that evening while the pampering continued.
I know they say that you should never judge a book by its cover, but as it is usually the first thing that draws our attention to a product I would like to address it. The deck is presented in a simple aqua box which is enough to protect it and keep all the cards together. I actually found the colour of the box very soothing and it includes a couple of examples of the types of questions you find inside.

The pack consists of 50 cards, each posing a question or suggesting a task. They can be used by individuals or with others as a way of starting meaningful conversations. The cards themselves are extremely good quality and will last for years to come making them a great coaching companion.
Within a training environment I would be most likely to use these during an icebreaker activity, but depending on the topic of the training it would also be feasible to select certain cards and spend more time on them. 

Personally I can see myself using these in a variety of different ways. I have several sets of cards (a mixture of affirmations, oracle and tarot) and often I will choose a deck and pick a card to focus on for that day. This deck will definitely be added to those. I also hope to use these along side my cognitive behavioural therapy as I learn more about it and complete my exercises. 

Sitting here looking at them I am also reminded of the discussions that we used to have over family meals. While not all of the cards would be suitable there are definitely some that could stimulate interesting conversation and maybe even help you get to know members of your family better. The cards would also work well as journalling or blogging prompts for the writers out there or just someone who is trying to write more. 

Coaching Cards for Every Day are so versatile and I will definitely be getting a second set so that I can keep one on my bookshelf and one in my training box. 

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