December Reflections

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Here I am sitting down to write on the last Monday in November. By the end of the week it will be December. How did that even happen?! I mean, I know how it happened, but... actually, no, I don't know it happened! I say it every year but, seriously, where has this year gone?!

On Friday I was delighted to see an email from Susannah Conway drop into my inbox. It was titled 'December Reflections is back!' and being in the reflective mood that I seem to be in lately, I decided to take a closer look.

What originally started as a photo challenge to take a photo every day in December, has evolved into something much more with the prompts providing a creative way to reflect on a year that is coming to an end. 
After blogging fairly regularly during 2016, I vowed to blog weekly during 2017. That clearly didn't happen! But in a burst of enthusiasm that tends to come to me in the run up to Christmas, I have decided that as well as posting a photo on Instagram, I will write about each prompt on here. Every day. 

I realise that may seem quite unbelievable considering that I haven't even managed to consistently write even one blog a month, but I committed to the 12 Days of Christmas blogs last year and, well, this is just a little bit more than that. Just a teeny bit!

Susannah's wonderful community will be sharing photos on Instagram, in the Facebook group or on their own blogs using the hashtag #DecemberReflections2017, so if you'd like to join them and me on a look back on 2017 then check out Susannah's website for more info.

See you on Friday for Day 1...

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