September Favourites

I wasn’t going to do a favourites post this month for a couple of reasons. Firstly I am really behind on writing and scheduling my posts (I've got a colour coordinated calendar and everything!) and I thought my time could be better spent on writing the ones I feel are more interesting. Secondly because I didn’t think I really had much to share, but looking back over my bank statement it seems I was wrong about that. So here are my September favourites.

The Wild Unknown Tarot Cards
I have wanted to add these cards to my collection for so long and managed to order one of the last original sets before they get published by HarperCollins. The artwork is absolutely beautiful and the cards just feel different to the glossy ones I'm used to. Actually need to learn how to read tarot cards properly now so that I can use them.
Girlguiding Goodies
Not particularly exciting, but I’ve needed a new waterproof for ages now and knowing I was going to be marshalling at Use Your Voice, I decided to treat myself to a Girlguiding one so that I was on brand even if it started chucking it down. I wasn’t overly keen on the old ones, but I’d heard good things about the new style and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It’s nice and lightweight, has plenty of pockets and when I put the hood up I found that it was strengthened so that it does flop over your face. Apart from the fact that I prefer my jackets a little longer, I’d go so far as to say that it’s the best waterproof I’ve ever had. If you are a member of Girlguiding then get this waterproof – you won’t regret it!
My other guiding favourite this month was my Use Your Voice goodie bag which all participants and volunteers received. My friend Helen who was the Lead Volunteer for the event always jokes that she’s disappointed if she comes away from a guiding event without a new tote so of course Use Your Voice had it’s very own. Now that we have to pay for shopping bags, I have to admit that I like collecting these. I went shopping at the weekend and chucked a couple in my handbag. So handy! Anyway, as well as the bag itself, in it was a travel card holder, lanyard, pen (you can never have too many pens) and, most importantly, the event badge. Love a badge, I do!

Work Bag
I’ve been in my job for just over a year now (a year last week if you’re interested) and I am gradually taking on more responsibility. This includes going to more meetings and wanting to look the part I thought I should get a smart bag that would also take my laptop. I’ve had an eye on a bag from M&S since before Christmas, but was a bit put off by the price. Then a couple of weeks ago M&S had a 20% off weekend and when I got to the till the cashier took a further 10% off as I had an offer on my Sparks card. I got a £100 bag for £70! It was obviously meant to be as when I went to find the link to it for this, I realised that they’ve stopped doing it.
Fitbit Alta
My second Charge started to fall apart again and when I contacted Fitbit they said that it had been discontinued so they could only send me an Alta instead. Awesome, because that's what I would have gone for if they hadn't replaced it! I love the Alta. It's much more delicate looking than the Charge and you can change the straps. There's even a silver one available that makes it look like a bangle. Much smarter for meetings seeing as I use it every day.
Bits for my Room
My room is now decorated and close to being completed. It looks better than I could possibly have imagined and even though I have a load of old boxes to sort through, I feel more at home in it now. I’m going to do a tour of my room post in the not too distant future so I won’t go into detail about where everything is, but when we went to B&Q the other day, I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of bits. I got this wicker heart to hang from my window and a new bedside lamp as my turquoise one didn’t really work with the colour scheme and more. Mum and I also decided to get this ceiling fan and light so that I don’t overheat in the summer.
Part of my room rejuvenation has involved sorting through all my clothes with a view to getting rid of two of the three sets of drawers that I have and fit all of the items that need to hang up in my now much smaller wardrobe. This was actually a very positive experience because I tried everything on as we went through it and was amazed to see that I can now fit back into a lot of my favourite things and I’m making good progress towards fitting into the rest. I got rid of a lot of things that were now too big (Yay!) and some smaller bits that I realised I would probably never wear again even if I could fit into them. Having chucked out at least one bin liner full of clothes, I decided that meant I could treat myself to a couple of new bits. I got this dress from Boohoo (ordered two sizes as I wasn’t sure and needed the smaller one – GET IN!) and this dressing gown and pyjama top and bottoms from George at Asda. The dress is a little shorter than I would usually go, but I think I can get away with it by wearing a pair of leggings underneath. And the dressing gown? So, so, so, so soft! Give me my duvet and Netflix and let me veg out in it all day!

There were more things that I wanted to talk about this month, but they are all Christmas related (do not judge me, I’m trying to spread the cost out) so I thought I’d do a special ‘Christmas Favourites’ nearer the time. In the meantime I’m going to try and catch up on my posts before I end up telling you about things that happened months ago!
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  1. Nice wicker heart... I have one too!
    Also, I love that your new pjs compliment your room decor too! Don't ever hesitate in doing monthly favourites, I love them!

    1. Ah so you noticed that the PJs matched then. Haha! I did wonder if I was going too far with the pink.