July Favourites

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So I thought I'd start doing a favourites post each month, but seeing as it was my birthday last month the first one could be quite lengthy so I apologise in advance.

Eat Play Live Journal
I bought this food journal at my second Slimming World meeting and it's been such an essential tool in helping me to lose 11.5lb in four weeks. By writing down my Speed and Free Foods, Healthy Extras and Syns down each day, I can keep myself on track. It doesn't stop me from eating anything I really fancy. In fact just the other day I realised I'd only had 0.5 syns the previous day so I was able to treat myself.
Helix Piercing
Last year I got my nose pierced, then I got a second set on my lobes and earlier this year I got my tragus pierced. I've also wanted my helix done for ages so I dropped in to Kent Tattoos on the way to Hertfordshire for a weekend away and got it done. I absolutely love it!
Happy Mail
I took part in the June/July Happy Mail swap and this month not only did I receive my Happy Mail, but I also received a return Happy Mail from the person I sent to and it arrived on my birthday. I also won this gorgeous Paper Panda print in the Happy Mail Bazaar this month which will go on my Happy Wall once my room has been decorated.
Sass & Belle
I got some money from my aunt and uncle for my birthday so while I was in London I popped into Sass & Belle and picked up a few bits. I saw this heart-shaped umbrella on the website and fell in love with it. It's huge and I can't wait for a good downpour so I can try it out. I also found this trinket dish and chalkboard which will look great in my room once it's been decorated.
Homemade Birthday Goodies
My gorgeous friend Katy (you can read her blog here and watch her vlogs here) asked her sister-in-law to make these especially for me for my birthday. She's an absolute diamond because not only do they have owls on, but the heart is filled with lavender. It hangs on my best post to help me drift off to sleep peacefully.
Cath Kidston Haul
If you know me in real life you will know that I love all things pink and polka dotty which it why I was like a kid at Christmas when they released this pattern. You may think I've gone a bit crazy and bought the whole range, but there was so much more that I could have got. I wouldn't use it thought so there was no point. I have several Cath Kidston bags and they have all lasted so well that I don't begrudge paying the prices. This is my first rucksack from them though and what I love about it is the grab handles at the top and the separate padded laptop section at the back.
I love, love, love long skirts and this one from Asda is so comfortable and versatile. I also got a couple of bits to take on holiday next week. This top is a bit different to what I would usually wear, but it'll be great to wear around the pool or out for a meal. I also got some black shorts. You can't go wrong with black and I can use them after the holiday too.

Younique Haul
I got so much make-up for my birthday which makes me incredibly happy as I've recently started wearing it again. My friend Louise is a Younique presenter and she got me a few bits, but so did my friend Emmi who had a Younique party a few weeks back. I'll have to go on YouTUbe now and watch all the make-up tutorials because I'm rubbish.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
The 31st of July is not only the last day of the month. It is also J. K. Rowling's and Harry Potter's birthdays and will also now be remembered as the day that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released. Being a script instead of a novel I read it in a matter of hours. In my opinion it wasn't as good as the originals, but it took me back to that magical world I love so much and I couldn't help but imagine how the magic would be created on stage. I really want to go and see it now.
So that's my favourites for July. I hope you have enjoyed them. Please believe me when I say that there won't be as many next month!
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